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MTIC Introduction

In 2017, the Executive Yuan approved the establishment of the “Maritime Technology Innovation Center” in Xingda Port of Qiaoding District, Kaohsiung City. It is one of the green energy construction projects of the national massive infrastructure plan, covering an area of 67,226 square meters. The short-term goal of the "4 years Offshore Wind Power promoting project ", is to develop domestic ocean technology, and establish autonomous technology and energy R&D. The mid-term goal is to drive maritime technology research and industrial development through the operation and management of the underwater foundations of offshore wind power and related technologies. The long-term goal is to achieve sustainable development by combining local functions of life with living conditions, revitalizing the local maritime technology industry, and establishing industrial settlements. The expectation is to establish the underwater foundation of Taiwan’s offshore wind power to generate energy, develop domestic offshore wind power, and thus establish the maritime technology industry for autonomous energy R&D.

Goal and Mission

MTIC is aimed to be the cradle of Asia Marine Technology talents, with training in marine technology and safety operation. We will start from offshore wind professionals in Taiwan, then expand the training to the Asia Pacific Region, the final goal is to broaden the horizon of all aspects in marine technology. The Technology innovation division will link the research momentum with the business to incubate the underwater technology for offshore wind industry.

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